I was 16 going on 60 - Why did it take me so long to realize this?

That awkward moment when you try to "smudge" while sketching on a tablet.

Finally, I am facing the wrath of the Gods…After what seems like ages, I got the courage to start publishing my written articles. I was keen on starting with the latest book which had 60 articles. Well, that book is nowhere to be found. I lost 60 observational posts that were next to complete. Now, as punishment, I must decipher my coded gibberish from over five diaries. Sigh, now no Read More...


Hour 1: Hiding in my room

It seems that my house has been invaded by people I know. I saw them pull into our driveway 20 minutes ago. Like any other socially awkward adult, I have locked myself away in my room maintaining pin drop silence (Somewhere, there is a teacher rolling in her grave at this abomination…She should stop rolling and start being proud.) These are people who love me dearly as I do them. Read More...

"I will preach you, but I will not practice you." - The promise every douche nozzle on facebook makes, when sharing a fucking quote.


Are you a cunt?

I fail to understand the logic behind meddling in other people’s business for the heck of it. Did you wake up one morning and realize that life was not shagging you enough? So, you decided to have a go in places you should not…Alas, you fail to realize that once done, it cannot be undone. You will pay for your action, you have lost an ally; on that day, when Read More...


Remember, these are adults texting OTHER adults…Further proof that sexting amongst other things is an art form.

Favorite scenes

I love manga, there is no denying it. Even if many lack a solid plot, or make much sense realistically…Yet, they seem to satisfy our need for the whimsical. I cannot stop laughing because of how freakishly hilarious the moment is, and captured so perfectly by the Mangaka. Our male lead finally sees his love interest being “cute” amongst her peers… As you can see…It broke him.

"So I can feel something" - I finally understand what they mean.