When Grandpas conspire.

The setting – Sitting in a bus, on my way to my beau’s place.

The conspiracy – The bus conductor is pocketing money.

Grandpa 1: Why are you charging me x amount, when it has always been y amount?

Conductor: The ticket prices were updated a while ago,  this has been the fee for a few months now.

Grandpa 2: But the distance is the same.

Conductor: I don’t know what you want me to say about that.

Grandpa 1: Is this how the government plans on cheating the Senior folk?

**Conductor silently hands a ticket for x amount. Enter Player 3**

Grandpa 3: He must be pocketing the extra money.

Grandpa 1: Yes, the nerve of that cheat.

Grandpa 2: Yes,  **insert generic comment about the economy and corruption.**

They spent a solid minute and a half talking about the corrupt conductor, who pockets by giving tickets of the exact amount paid.

Move over Obama conspiracies, we have a winner.

Thank you all for reading this absolutely random thought of mine, for bearing with my sense of humor, and for wasting a few minutes of your time.

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